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Nandan Van Zoo & Safari

For More Details Call – 74406 03000, 7440605000, 7440609000

Opens at 10:00 10:00 – 17:30

Address: Sector 39, Khanduwa, Naya Raipur, Chhattisgarh 493661




Mission & Vision :

  • The Nandan Van Zoo & Safari (Jungle Safari,Naya Raipur)will become an important focus for Chhattisgarh and their interest in living in a world where people of all ages are not only delighted by the diversity of the living world that surrounds us, but are committed to protecting the integrity of its “wild life” and “wild places”.


  • To create a Wild Life Conservation & Awareness centre for the people of Chhattisgarh and for the Tourists across the World.
  • To create a natural, wild education, research cum amusement centre for the people of Naya Raipur.
  • To complement and strengthen the national efforts in conservation of fauna.

The Whole 202.87 Ha area is planned into 8 Zone

  • Monument Zone
  1. Parking Zone

(Parking space for more than 100 Buses, 300 Cars and 640 Two wheelers along with visitor’s and Driver’s Facilities.)

3. Administrative Zone

( Office and Residential Spaces for the official appointed for the Management)

4.Water Zone

( Special Features Like Floating Garden, Water Birds Area, Pathways )

5.Waiting Zone

( This Zone is especially for entertainment purpose of visitors as it has the features like Amphi-theatre, I-Max Theatre, Canteens,Food Courts,Museum, Orientation Center,Floating Deck,Nature Camp)

6.Zoo Zone

The Zoo Zone has many Animal Enclosure with the Landscape theme of Indian Biographical Zone.

7.Safari Zone

This Zone has 4 Safari i.e.,

  1. Herbivore Safari,
  2. Bear Safari,
  3. Tiger Safari
  4. Lion Safari

8.Management Zone

(The No-Visitors Area having Veterinary Hospital, Rescue Center,Conservation & Breeding center and more)


ग्रेटर रायपुर के लिए बनेगा ट्रैफिक प्लान
या रायपुर, रायपुर और आस-पास के शहरों को मिलाकर डेवलप हो रहे ग्रेटर रायपुर के लिए व्यापक यातायात योजना तैयार होगी। इसके लिए नया रायपुर विकास प्राधिकरण ने एजेंसी की नियुक्ति की है। योजना हर वर्ग के लोगों की जरूरतें और सहूलियतों को ध्यान में रखकर तैयार की जाएगी। योजना पर काम शुरू करने से पहले इस विषय पर चर्चा कर योजना का खाका तैयार करने के लिए मंगलवार को एक होटल में क्षेत्रीय यातायात योजना पर कार्यशाला का आयोजन किया गया । यह कार्यशाला नया रायपुर डवलपेंट अथॉरिटी और ली एसोसिएट एशिया द्वारा आयोजित की गई जिसमें विशेषज्ञों ने अपनी राय दी।

आवास एवं पर्यावरण सचिव संजय शुक्ला ने कहा कि भविष्य की जरूरतों को ध्यान में रखकर रायपुर और आस पास के शहरी क्षेत्रों के लिए अगले 50 सालों के लिए यातायात योजना तैयार करने पर बल दिया जाए। उन्होंने रायपुर के विकास और विस्तार के साथ सुलभ यातायात की व्यवस्था विकसित करने को एक बड़ी चुनौती बताते हुए व्यापक योजना पर काम करने को कहा है। एनआरडीए उपाध्यक्ष एसएस बजाज ने कहा कि नया रायपुर में सस्ता, सुलभ और स्वच्छ सार्वजनिक परिवहन को बढ़ावा देने की दिशा में काम हो रहा है। वृहद रायपुर क्षेत्र के लिए एक उपयोगी रिजनल मोबिलिटि प्लान तैयार करने में नगर निगम, नगर पालिका, नगर पंचायत, अन्य शासकीय विभागों समेत अन्य सामाजिक संगठनों की भागीदारी महत्वपूर्ण होगी।

15 बड़े चौराहे बनेंगे

ग्रेटर रायपुर रिजन में ऐसे 15 महत्वपूर्ण यातायात चौराहों के विकास की योजना तैयार की जाएगी जो यातायात की दृष्टि से समस्याग्रस्त हैं। सलाहकारों द्वारा ग्रेटर रायपुर रीजन में सुगम यातायात की रणनीति तथा इसे लागू करने के लिए संस्थागत व्यवस्था के संबंध में सुझाव दिये जाएंगे।

ये है ग्रेटर रायपुर

वृहद् रायपुर क्षेत्र का कुल क्षेत्रफल 5155 वर्ग किलोमीटर है। इसमें दुर्ग-भिलाई, रायपुर-नया रायपुर के प्रभाव की परिधि में आने वाले 19 शहरी केन्द्र के अलावा 900 ग्राम शामिल होंगे। ये शहर और ग्राम रायपुर जिले के रायपुर, आरंग, अभनपुर एवं तिल्दा तहसील, दुर्ग जिले के धमधा, भिलाई तहसील तथा बेमेतरा जिले के बेरला तहसील में स्थित हैं। वर्ष 2011 की जनगणना के मुताबिक ग्रेटर रायपुर क्षेत्र की जनसंख्या 39.20 लाख है।

The well-developed ‘Greater Raipur’ region has started fast taking shape near Raipur city.

A total of 19 urban centres are being planned in Greater Raipur region which would touch boundary of five municipal corporations, officials informed.

The regions such as Raipur, Naya Raipur, Charoda, Jamul, Kumhari Bhilai-III and Durg will come under ‘Greater Raipur’ region.

Notably, the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways also announced in March this year that a new Expressway in the 26.60 kms stretch of Raipur-Durg section of National Highway 53 will be constructed in the State.

Meanwhile, the ‘Raipur Smart City Plan’ has the component of  visual mapping of the city for ease of travel across the city , officials informed.

The other key features of the plans would be — CCTV surveillance, Pedestrian only streets, 100 per cent door to door collection, removing street parking among others.

There are also plans to make Raipur a ‘Visually Aesthetic City’ which would comprise street art, neighbourhood art and rejuvenating dead walls.

The plan also has the component of e-Rickshaw zones.

Notably, Raipur city has improved the quality of ‘smart city’ plans by 25 per cent to finally find its place in the list of 13 cities chosen by the Central government for development as a ‘smart city’.

Notably, the Chhattisgarh government has approved Rs  13 crore for 89 developmental works  to be undertaken by  Raipur Municipal Corporation (RMC).

Notably, a sum of Rs  10 crore has been approved by the State government for various wards of RMC including drain construction, road widening, electrification and pipeline extension, according to an official press release .

Besides these, around Rs  2.50 crore has been approved for setting up a world class gym in the vacant space at  International Swimming Pool at GE road  besides other facilities.

The Central government had already released the first installment of Rs  55.29 crore out of the approved Rs  573.40 crore for State Annual Action Plan (SAAP) under AMRUT project for the current financial year in Chhattisgarh.

The Union Ministry of Urban Development has already released Central Assistance of Rs  1,062.27 crore to 13 States as first installment under AMRUT project for the current financial year, officials stated.

This is a part of total Central Assistance of Rs  5,311.38 crore committed to 13 States for which the Ministry has approved Atal Mission Action Plans for 2015-16 entailing total investment of Rs  11,671.76 crore in 286 cities in these states.

The Ministry has so far cleared a total of 939 projects for 286 cities with most of them related to water supply and sewerage network services.

Chhattisgarh will witness total convergence of three major and highly ambitious Centrally-sponsored urban development schemes in the days ahead, officials informed.

As per a detailed note issued by the Union Urban Development Ministry, out of the 9 States under consideration, there is total convergence of housing, AMRUT and Smart City Missions in respect of Chhattisgarh (2 smart and 9 Amrut cities), Jammu & Kashmir (1 and 3), Kerala (1 and 7), MP (7 and 32), Odisha (2 and 9), Rajasthan (4 and 28), Telangana (2 and 11).

The Urban Administration and Development Minister  Amar Agrawal in July last year had stated that the State Government has decided to develop all the other 11 municipal Corporations-run cities on the pattern of ‘Smart Cities’.

The infrastructure will be upgraded, convenient transport will be provided, people’s participation, good governance, health and education, e-Governance, healthy environment, adequate drinking water facilities, waste disposal management and sanitation and low-cost housing for poor are some of the proposals to develop the other ‘Smart Cities’, he said.



The Govt. of Chhattisgarh has recently come up with a Project through its Urban development wing named Raipur Development Authority to acquire approx. 2200-2300 acres of precious commercial and residential marked lands to develop a housing project. The land compensations proposed are paltry, the chief points being :-
1) The owner of land has to submit his land (irrespective of whterher it is unutilized or developed) and in place of it receive 35% of the land submitted in the deveolped project.
2) By some hypothetical calculations of present value of the land based on govt records and the perceived value of land after (say 5-6 years) they are not only demanding the land (65% directly goes to the pocket of the project) but the land owner also has to pay upfront the difference in the developed value (after the project is completed) minus his present day contribution.
As an example, a person who is actually holding about 10,000 sq. mtrs of land will have to part with his commercial land worth crores, and instead receive only 35% land in the project, that too only of he pays around 30 lacs to rda.

Please we urge legal experts, ngo’s conversant with the laws to help fight the nefarious plans of rda to acquire the precious lands of land owners that include a lot of farmers as well.



Smart City Raipur


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